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harp duo - Berlin

Harp power made in Berlin

Two women - two harps - a sound tapestry. Alice Ludewig and Merit Zloch draw music from their instruments that ranges from energetic to romantic, from fairy-like to groovy.

Their music is playfull, dynamic and full of interaction. Imaginative arrangements create pieces that invite to dance as well as to dream.

The music of Merlice - mostly newly composed pieces by the two musicians or by friends of them - includes elements of folk, pop, soundtrack music, early music and jazz. The repertoire also contains pieces of historical dance music - dressed in new shimmering clothes.

What sounds more beautiful than a harp? Two harps! Almost endless musical possibilities are opend by 16 fingers on 70 strings.

harp duo
                        Merlice with harps
Ein Schottisch Tanz (William Brade, um 1600/arr. Merlice)

Fernwärme (M.Zloch, arr. Merlice)

Frei für die Insel Alice Ludewig/arr. Merlice), Gast: Laurenz Schiffermüller

Scottis le village d´en bas  (Gregory Jolivet, arr. Merlice)

Audio (MP3) :
Empereur dans la lunne
(Wolfenbüttler Notenbuch 1717/arr. Merlice)